Practical Best PL/SQL Programming

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Detailed Description

We all hear about (and some of us write about) "best practices". But sometimes all that advice can be quite overwhelming and not very practical. This two hour seminar offers advice for writing the best PL/SQL of your life which I believe is thoroughly practical and instantly applicable to your professional lives as PL/SQL developers

"Practical Best" starts of by recommending a high-level workflow for building applications in three phases: prepare, construct and validate. Within preparation, I focus on how you should establish a solid foundation for development by standardizing (set the rules), systematize (follow the rules with formal processes), and automate (implement the rules automatically as much as possible). The main focus in this section is on how to best write SQL inside PL/SQL. And here I do my first PL/SQL magic trick: I convince you that SQL IS BAD!

From there, we shift focus to single program construction. I go into a detailed workflow at this level, emphasizing preparation, review, optimization and testing. And then I spend LOTS of time talking about how to improve the way we test our code, which brings me to my second PL/SQL magic trick: I will convince you that TESTING IS (CAN BE) FUN!

And throughout the seminar, I provide or point you to scripts, utilities and tools to help you quickly apply my advice.


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